Everybody is from somewhere else

Everybody is from somewhere else

It was so much fun to be part of the Monarch Installation, I am from Washington DC
and I have been in Los Angeles for about half my life.

Immigration is a person moving form one place to another, so I have “immigrated”
from the East Coast to here. Everyone has their own story.
I’m a mix, so that makes me as American as they come I guess! Everybody is from somewhere else, I guess!If I go back two generations, almost all my grandparents were not born here; they were from London, Russia, Lithuania and New York.

In today’s climate on immigration, I  feel I am on the liberal end of that,  
whatever that means.

I work with families 95% were not born here, I work with other kids that they were born here, and see some of the struggles as an outsider and someways.

I definitely feel for the people who are trying hard to work their way through and to follow their dreams. It is easier to do that when you are not trying to negotiate culture and language, and all the other stuff that comes with it.”